Browser Compatibility 3 - Lynx

We already had support for the most major browsers, but one was still missing: Lynx.

Cool, isn't it?


Browser Compatibility 2

Have a look at papaya CMS 5 in Opera 9.

Of course IE7 is supported, too:


Browser Compatibility

The Screenshots here in the blog show the new papaya CMS 5 Backend in Firefox 2. But it works in other Browsers, too.

Some users may still have IE 6. He does not support all of the eye candy stuff but it works:

Of course we do not look backwards only. Here is Safari 3 on Windows:


Several Websites with one installation

We just implemented a new feature into papaya CMS 5. It has now a domain handling. Just direct several domains to one papaya CMS installation. You can now set up how each domain is handled in the papaya Backend. Wildcards for subdomains are possible.

Here are the 5 options.

"default" - The domain handling does nothing, default options are used
"domain" - Redirects to the requested page on another domain
"page" - Redirects to a specified page on another domain
"language" - Redirects to a language if the main page is called without a language (e.g. / or /index.html to index.de.html)
"tree" - Limits the domain to a subtree of the pages

The last option "tree" allows you to have several websites with one papaya CMS installation. They will share the users and other data but are limited to one part of the pages.


Uploaded file is to large

PHP has a setting in the php.ini named upload_max_filesize. If your uploaded file is larger, you will get an error code in the $_FILES array. But here is another limit. If post_max_size is to small for the uploaded data, you will get emtpy $_FILES and $_POST arrays. So how to output an error message for the user? I found $_SERVER['CONTENT_LENGTH']. It contains the byte length of the content.
if (isset($_SERVER['CONTENT_LENGTH']) &&
     $this->iniGetSize('post_max_size')) {
   $this->_gt('Uploaded data is to large.'));
Does anybody know a better solution or problems with that one?