Solar Power

The Vaio P has a very low power consumption. About 6 Watt without the wireless stuff (8 Watt with it). So I though I give it a try to power my P with the sun. It works, but I think I need a little larger solar panel. The current one has only 6 Watt.


FluentDOM 1.0 Release

We just released FluentDOM 1.0. The package contains the two classes (FluentDOM and FluentDOMStyle) and a lot of examples.

FluentDOM is a test driven project. The tests are included in the package of course.

We decided to use The MIT License for the project. Test it, use it und please give us some feedback.



FluentDOM got an own webpage at http://fluentdom.org.

You can now find nightly builds at http://nightly.fluentdom.org. A PHPUnit log file and the code coverage report for the latest nightly build is provided, too.

Status Update

We added a FluentDOMStyle class. This class extends FluentDOM and adds support for manipulation of the style attributes.

$items = FluentDOMStyle($xhtml)->find('//div');
    'text-align' => 'center',
    'color' => 'black'



Today I like to present a new projekt: FluentDOM

It provides an easy to use, jQuery like, fluent interface for DOMDocument.

The idea was born in a workshop of Tobias Schlitt about the PHP XML extensions at the IPC Spring in Berlin.

The last few days Bastian Feder and I implemented it. That's how it looks in action:

echo FluentDOM($xml)
   ->find('//b[@id = "first"]')

We are aware that here are some other projects with similiar concepts. But none of them matched our requirements (XML targeted, XPath selectors, namespace support, ...).

You can take a look at the current version in Bastian's public SVN.