I am back from the IPC08 and here are the slides of my talks on slideshare.


Photos from NRW08

I uploaded some photos from the NRW 08 into a gallery. I still have to get some more experience using a flash.


Speaking at the International PHP Conference 2008

I will have 3 talks at the upcoming International PHP Conference in Mainz.
  • Optimizing Your Frontend Performance
  • Deliver Files with PHP
  • PHP 5.3/6 – eine Standortbestimmung (in German)


Speaking at NRW08

The NRW08 is a German community conference. I am happy to announce that I will be present with a talk.
Optimizing Your Frontend Performance Take a look on web application performance from the users side. The session starts from the browser, showing tools to measure and analyze performance and takes you to the server, explaining headers and possible solutions.

Speaking at FrOSCon

I will have a little talk at the FrOSCon this month (Sankt Augustin 23.- 24.08.2008).
Deliver Files with PHP User permissions, dynamic and uploaded files are some reasons to use a program to deliver files. The session covers the basic concepts, range headers, Flash pseudo streaming, bandwidth limitations and performance tips.


Database check

The module manager can now check all database tables for changes. The result is saved to the session. Each time you look at a table it gets updated.

This works only with Javascript for now.


Papaya Tips

Alexander Nichau posted some nice tips about the new papaya CMS 5 on his webpage (German). The latest tip is an Ant-Script for Eclipse PDT to update your production server.