Strida MAS upgraded

Recently I sold my Strida 5.0 and got a Strida MAS. This is a Special Edition with a really nice feature - a two gear ATS Speed Drive. I upgraded it with 18" wheels and a new saddle.

The Strida MAS is BLACK: black frame, black wheels, black pedals, black handle bars and NEON GREEN break callipers. It looks great. The MAS has a more sturdy frame, too. Check the stem and the welded connections on the pictures.

A Speed Drive changes the bike. With the 18" wheels the low gear is the same like my old Strida 5.0 with 16" wheels. But now I have a second gear. It makes the Strida faster, but requires more effort. You switch the gear with your heels. A gentle kick with the right switches up, a kick with the left down again. The Strida 18" wheel upgrade includes Schwalbe Kojak - thin, high pressure tires. I have an average speed of about 17 km/h and a top of 28 km/h, currently. I hope some training will increase that. :-)

From the people at Strida Forum I got the suggestion to use a saddle with springs. The Brooks Champion Flyer fits nicely and provides a comfortable ride.

It's getting dark early these days so I added some real lights. The included lights are a joke. I'm using a Sigma PowerLED and a B&M IXBack senso.
The Sigma allows me to take routes without street lights. It has 3 settings: bright, brighter, brightest - but no blinking. (I really hate blinking front lights). You can use an removeable integrated battery holder (4xAA) or an special external pack (Li-Ion).

The IXBack rear light has a nice compact holder. The inner part (called lightbox by B&M) can be removed easily.

If you have any questions about the bike, please add a comment.

Follow Up: Strida MAS Upgrade II


  1. nette Seite, hatte ich noch gar nicht auf dem Schirm.
    Gruß, Peer

  2. Would you recommend this profile tyres or slicks for the city?

  3. For a City - I whould suggest Schwalbe Marathon Plus. Here are just to much hazards on the Street. :-)

    The Kojak are slicks and they perform great. But they need even, dry streets for optimal performance.