Stridas In Paris

I attended the "Strida Saturday" in Paris last weekend. It was fun to cycle with so many other Stridas. The meeting was organized by the French Strida distributor. He posted a video and some images on his page.


To The North Sea

Last weekend was the PHP Unconference in Hamburg. It is one of the events you don't want to miss if you're a German PHP programmer. It is fun, you will meet  a lot of nice people and you will definitely learn something.

So I took the week before off, got on my bike and traveled north. The first day I rode along the Rhine to Dinslaken. The sun was shining. The first Hotel I saw in Dinslaken was a "Bett und Bike" hotel. The next day my target was Rheine at the river Ems. I got my first real rain and I think some of the shortcuts I took were less ideal. But eventually I reached Rheine at sundown. The third day I spend along the Ems traveling north to Papenburg.It was an uneventful day. The only shower happened exactly the moment I stopped at a shop to buy some water. The forth day took me from Papenburg to Varel at the North Sea. I usually take my bike on the room. In Varel the hotel keeper asked my the next day if I had a pleasant sleep or if my bike snored :-). From Varel I traveled the North Sea Cycle way to Cuxhaven, visiting the beach in the evening. The last day I took the train to Hamburg, the weather was just to bad or in other words I need better rain clothes.

  • Day 1: Cologne - Dinslaken 118km
  • Day 2: Dinslaken - Rheine 152km
  • Day 3: Rheine - Papenburg 121km
  • Day 4: Papenburg - Varel 81km
  • Day 5: Varel - Cuxhaven 99km

Rhine milestone near Wittlaer - It is more on bike.Beautiful morning in DinslakenShadows on the street
Sundown in RheineAt the beach (North Sea)
On the other side of the fence - the grass is always greener.