New Gadget: Vaio P

I'm in love with my little new toy: the Vaio P19. It is small, light and perfectly quiet. The high resolution display is sharp and easy to read.

The Atom Z530 is fast enough. I don't notice a real difference to the TX1 I had before. Video could be faster, I hope for a driver update.

The pictures in this post were taken in RAW with a Canon EOS 350D (some using a remote software on the Vaio P) and edited in Photoshop Elements on it. The P performed well.

Large applications like Open Office start really fast, maybe the SSD is the reason.

The ac adapter is small, not much longer then an AA battery. SonyStyle Japan includes an additional piece with the plug, like the ac adapter for the macbooks. Anybody knows how I can get one of the plug adapters? (Except from ordering a complete ac adapter from Japan.) :-)

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