Down The River - Report

After two days in Zurich I took the Train to Rottweil and travelled the Neckar down to the Rhine and back to Cologne. The tracked distance (GPS) was 641 km.
It was interesting to see the river grow. The cycle ways a re mostly along the river with some steep climbings and long downwards sloops.

On the third day I had my first and last accident. A screw of the bottle cage broke.
  • Day 1, Rottweil -> T├╝bingen: 86 km
  • Day 2, T├╝bingen -> Mundelsheim: 116 km
  • Day 3, Mundelsheim -> Heidelberg: 126 km
  • Day 4, Heidelberg -> Hamm (Rhine): 63 km
  • Day 5, Hamm (Rhine) -> Koblenz: 143 km
  • Day 6, Koblenz -> Cologne: 106 km 

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