Surface Pro - USB Hub

The Surface Pro is a cool device but USB connectivity is one of its weak point. It has a single USB 3 port that is not fully powered. Devices that need the more power like an USB monitor will not work.

Up until now I used a hub with 3 USB ports and LAN (RJ45). An Y cable connected the USB port on the power supply to provide additional power to the hub.

I found something better. 
  • Really small form factor
  • 2 USB 3 ports, 
  • 1 RJ45 LAN port
  • Card reader (SD and Micro SD)
  • Micro USB power connector
So I loose 1 USB port, but get the SD card reader. The form factor is really nice. The killer feature is the Micro USB port. Finally a powered USB hub that does not need a special power supply.

Take a look:

I tested it connected to the Surface Pro power supply and the Asus MB168B+ USB monitor. Works fine.  

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