Views in papaya CMS

Unlike other cms a view in papaya CMS is not just a template. It is the full configuration for the output.

You create several output filters like html, rss, pdf or print. Each of them can use a different filter module like the xslt filter module or the pdf filter module. The name of the output filter is later used as an extension in the filename of the page urls.

After you defined all the output filters for your project you create a view for a page or box module and link them to the output filters. Each of the links can hold a configuration depending on the selected filter module. For the two existing module you can select a xsl file (the template) and a switch for fullpage mode.

The setting of the fullpage switch is given to the page module, so it can split large content into several outputs in one mode (html) and return a single output in another mode (pdf, print). This needs to be implemented in the page module or it will have no effect at all.

Take a look at the following little graphic:

Editing a page or a box you only need the select a view, because the views knows of its page/box module.

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