Problem with libxslt

If you use the current PHP 5.2 with libxslt, libxml will add CDATA sections to your XHTML script tags. The W3C suggests the use of a CDATA section (less escaping for special chars needed), but the most browsers will not support this. Firefox supports it, if you send the mimetype application/xhtml+xml. To avoid the problem make your script section a html comment. Here a sample:
<xsl:template match="script">
<script type="{@type}"><xsl:comment>
  <xsl:copy-of select="text()"/>
This is a generic match for all script elements in the xml tree. But will take care of xslt generated script elements, too.
<script type="text/javascript"><xsl:comment>
Here is a bug reported for libxml. But it is closed. :-(

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