TinyMCE TabJump Extension

Here's is a nice plugin for TinyMCE called TabJump. It allows you to leave a TinyMCE editor area using the tab key (like other edit fields). In the first version by Jan Lenhardt you had to define the id of the next html element in the TinyMCE configuration. I added some code to detect the next element and sent it to Jan. Now it is a Google Code project. :-)


  1. hey there :)

    thanks a bunch for the contribution but I cannot get this to work without specifying the tabjump_to in the init settings.

    Not sure if this is relevant but i'm trying to use this within Drupal 5.2 with a form that has 5 different tinymce fields in addition to other fields mixed in.

    At one point I had it working if 2 tinymce fields were consecutive. But now whenever I tab from within a textfield it makes the window lose focus!

    Any ideas? I tried posting on the google code site, but no one appears to be listening there :/