New Backend: Overview page, toolbars and new icons

You may have noticed that the screenshots in the blog posts show a new papaya CMS backend. The old look was a little dark and cramped. We decided to group the buttons of the main menu to add a little context.

The applications menubar is now one of these groups. Each user can add up to 5 individual application links to the button group (The limit is an option). The last button shows all applications and allows to add/remove buttons from the button group.

The overview page shows tasks, messages and page informations for the current user. The amount of items in each list are user options.

The icons in the new interface are based on the Tango Icon Theme. Some are copied, some are new, some are modified (got emblems). The flags are the FamFamFam Flag Icons created by Mark James. He created another great set of icons, too. But Silk has only 16x16 bitmaps. For papaya we need larger sizes, too. So we had to create our own. But you will recognice some of them if you know Silk.

We hope you will like it.

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