Searchable Listboxes

The backend got searchable selects. It's pure javascript - you will not see any hint of it without it.

The javascript adds a little input field just before the select box. You input a text and the select will only show items that matches your input. All larger selects (with optgroups) got the new feature.


  1. What means the "datafilter"-button in the screenshot? A new functionality?

  2. Yes papaya CMS 5 has 3 filter types:

    Output: The filter takes the xml output of the system and transforms it - default filters are xslt and pdf.

    Import: Filters imported data to content - like from a word xml file. (no free filters here, currently. :-) )

    Data: conversion filters. The content module can send parts of the output trough the data filter management (not specific filters - this is configuration). This allows to change/extends the output xml. For example the glossary data filter can link words in the output. (no free filters here, currently. :-) )